What is Marriage By The Book? 
It’s a marriage ministry,  Founded in 1994 by us, Rick and Rebekah Porterfield.  We  apply Biblical principles to today’s marriages, and, guess what?  It works!  We have seen literally thousands of marriages saved, turned around, and improved.
It all started in 1992, when we were about to get a divorce. A PhD Psychologist we went to for marriage counseling told us we were the only hopeless couple she had ever seen and that we needed to get a divorce.  To make a long story very short, we found the Lord (Rebekah first, then Rick), 
He showed us seven keys to success in marriage.  Like I said, it works. It worked for us then, it continues to work for us today, and it has helped people all around the world.  In fact, we have seen 100% success when both partners in a marriage commit to apply these principles.  Really!  There is hope for you!!
Why Marriage By The Book?
  • A proven track record.  It works!
  • It’s completely based on the Bible. .
  • Because even the best marriages can be better.
  • .Because even the worst marriages can be saved.