Being Right is Highly Overrated

Being right is highly overrated.  The relationship is more important than who is right and who is wrong.  In marriage, and in most of life, we all like to be right.  This presents problems in marriage because your spouse likes to be right too.  Really, it isn’t even a matter of who is right; it’s a matter of who gets their way.

If something isn’t unscriptural, immoral, or illegal, then it is really just an opinion.  What color should we paint this room?  What should we spend our money on?  Where should we go on vacation?  What kind of toothpaste should we buy?  What is shortest route to church?  People get into fights day in and day out over their opinion about such trivial and not so trivial things.  Are you willing to damage or lose your marriage over this?   As I said, the relationship is more important than who is right and who is wrong.  This is a scriptural principle.  Consider mankind’s relationship with God before Jesus came; who was right and who was wrong?  Obviously, God was right and mankind was wrong.  After all, it was man who sinned.  Who came to make the relationship right?  God did.  So, you see, God considered His relationship with man to be more important than who was right.  John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that He gave…”.  Giving yourself is the greatest expression of love.  In John 13:34 NIV, Jesus said, “As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”

A key to a successful marriage is being willing to give yourself, this includes being willing to surrender your opinion for the relationship..  When you do this, you place yourself in the middle of God’s way of doing things, and He will meet your needs.
Now, take this, put it to work, and have a great marriage this week.  OK?
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