Meet Rick & Rebekah Porterfield
We have been in marriage ministry since 1994.  Just a few years before that, our marriage was a train wreck.  We went to a PHD Psychologist for help.  She was the best in the area.  She said we were the only hopeless couple she had ever worked with and that we needed to get a divorce. A mistake in our check book kept us from separating, We wound up becoming Christians, and God went to work in our relationship.  He taught us seven Biblical keys to reconciling marriages.  It wasn’t easy. It took effort. But it worked, and now, well over 20 years later, it still works for us.  We have taught thousands of others the same keys, and it works for them too. These same keys will work for you too. 
Rick is a graduate of Charis Bible College, and Rick and Rebekah serve as Regional Advocates for eastern South Carolina and Virginia for Andrew  Wommack’s ministerial association, Association of Related Ministries International (ARMI).
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