Merry Christmas

Christmas is upon us!  This is one of my favorite times of the year.  I enjoy the decorations, the lights, the food, the carols, and the traditions, but most of all I enjoy the extra time spent with family and friends. I remember when I was a kid, Christmas was all about the gifts.  Everything else was secondary to what was going to be under the tree on Christmas morning.  Now that I am “significantly older”, gifts are still a big part of Christmas.  We give gifts to each other and remember THE gift that God gave to us – His Son, Jesus. The Bible mentions many other gifts that God gives, and one is found in 1 Corinthians 7:7, which says in part, “God gives to some the gift of marriage” (New Living Translation).  Wow.  Marriage is a gift given by God. This year you may receive many gifts.  Most of you have been reminded to remember and appreciate the greatest gift, which was given to us in Jesus.  Take time also to remember and appreciate this other great gift given to you – your marriage. We sincerely wish you the best and merriest Christmas ever. Now, take this and put it to work, and have a great marriage this week.  OK? Please feel free to forward this Marriage Tip to a friend.

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