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Many Christian’s struggle with their marriage and aren’t sure where to turn for help. Since 1994, we have been equipping marriages and families for success using Biblical relationship that restore peace and unity to your marriage and family.


Rick and Rebekah Porterfield had a terrible marriage.  A professional marriage counselor even said that they were the only hopeless couple she had ever seen and that they needed to get a divorce!  But then God showed them His plan for marriage and in restoring their marriage, He equipped them to help others.  They have been in marriage ministry since 1994 and have seen firsthand that the worst marriages can be saved, and great marriages can be made even better.

They are the authors of Marriage By The Book and "The Marriage By The Book Workbook" (both available on have spoken at ministers conferences, marriage conferences, singles events, women’s conferences, men’s conferences, and churches in the USA, Europe and Africa.  A significant part of their ministry is devoted to teaching ministers and church leaders how to effectively do marital and premarital counseling.

Rick and Rebekah pastored for 12 years, and Rick is a graduate of Charis Bible College.

Marriage By The Book

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A short video introducing

"Marriage By The Book"

To order your copy of Marriage By The Book, Click Here!  For the Workbook, Click Here!

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Pastor Greg Mohr.

Introducing Mariag by the Book
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