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We love helping ministers and churches

We want to equip pastors to effectively minister to marriages in their churches.

For marital and premarital counseling resources, call or email us. 

Host Marriage By The Book at Your Church:


If you are interested in bringing us to your church, email us at

or call 803-766-1112.

Equip Marriage Ministers in Your church

We have been doing marriage ministry, including marital and premarital counseling since 1994.  We have a heart to duplicate ourselves in others and a large part of what we do is equip ministers and lay ministers to do effective counseling.  We have marital and premarital counseling materials, or we can train ministers or lay ministers in your church to effectivelry perform marriage ministry.  For more information, email us at or call 803-766-1112.

Helping Ministers With Their Marriages

Occasionally, ministers need help in their marriage too. We often help ministers restore their marriages, and also provided premarital counseling to ministry couples. For more information, email us at or call 803-766-1112.

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