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Marriage By The Book

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A brief introduction to

Marriage By The Book

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A recommendation from

Pastor Greg Mohr.

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It's the ONLY ANSWER to any marriage problem! This was recommended by our Pastor and it is the answer to all your marriage issues! - Amazon Reviewer

“We have been using your materials in our premarital counseling sessions.  At first, people going into premarital counseling didn’t understand.  They asked things like, "What can these people teach us?"  What practical things can the Bible really tell us about marriage?”.  But, after going through a few sessions, they understand that your premarital program is important for them, and they realize why it is so necessary.”                                                     - Pastor R.K., Kampala, Uganda. 

“Thank you for providing the tools to save my marriage. I'm doing so much better and so is my marriage.” 


“Marriage By The Book saved my marriage.” - Conference Attendee


“Marriage By The Book has helped us so much.  We recommend it to all couples.” - Amazon Reviewer


“Precisely what I needed to get me on the right path in my marriage.” - Amazon Reviewer

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