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Biblical Marriage Resources

that restore love and romance to your marriage so you can enjoy a lifetime of passion and excitement.
Get started by listening to our podcast, visiting the free resources page, visiting our store, or order a copy of our book.

"Thanks you for providing the tools to save my marriage.  I'm doing so much better, and so is my marriage!"

"Thanks you for providing the tools to save my marriage.  I'm doing so much better, and so is my marriage!"

An introduction to

"Marriage By The Book"

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Your Marriage Is Important

Take a moment and picture where you will be in five years if your marriage continues on its current path. Do you like what you see?

If not, it’s time to do something different!  Let's get started.

Since 1994, we have helped 100s of couples to -

  • Restore lasting passion and excitement

  • Replace strife with effective communication 

  • Develop relationship skills that divorce-proof their marriage 

We Understand

We know how it feels to struggle in marriage, to see things get worse every day, and to not know where to turn for help. Not so many years ago, our marriage was headed for divorce. We couldn't get along.  A marriage counselor said we were hopeless and told us to get a divorce!  But then we discovered the Biblical keys to a great marriage. They worked for us and they’ll work for you too.

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How Marriage By The Book has Helped Couples Around the World

Every married couple wants love and passion to last forever.

The problem is that the pull of jobs, parenting, bills, life,  and all the other distractions that come at us, causes many relationships to grow distant and the spark dims. 

We were in the same situation, but found that God, who invented marriage, has a plan for it to get better and for the flame to grow brighter despite what circumstances may come. We developed Biblical resources to teach His plan to others.

To get started, purchase our book or one of our MP3s that suits your situation, listen to our podcast, or take advantage of the free resources on our website, and begin applying the Biblical principles you learn. 

Don’t wait – act today – your marriage depends on it.